Release Notes

What's New

  • Adding a post calculation process as a new feature.

  • Schema rows can be shown dynamically.

  • Added an option to make schema rows bold.

  • Schema formulas can now include filters such as ".." or "|".

  • Providing integration events for planning calibration, pre- and post-calculation and planning transparency.


  • Correction of a bug where Proportional Consumption Factor was not calculated correctly when multiple postings were combined to one prod. order component.

  • Improved descriptions for tooltips.

What's New

  • demandPlus+ is available for On-Premises.

  • Added a post-calculation as a new feature.


  • Improved tooltip descriptions

  • Extension of the field length of the item cateogry code in the pre-calculation. (from 10 to 20 characters)

The versioning of demandPlus+ has been adjusted to better align with Microsoft's standard.

What's New

Adding a pre-calculation as a new feature


  • Correction of an error where the purchase unit of measure was not used correctly when calculating inventory costs.

  • Improved error message in Assisted Setup

  • Improved field descriptions

What's New

Extension of the planning calibration

  • Addition of planning templates to be able to switch quickly and flexibly between different planning settings.

  • Addition of period lines. This makes it possible to calculate a planning calibration for different periods and use the appropriate value.

  • Adding usage period templates. With this it is possible to store a template that dynamically uses current start and end dates.

  • Add shortcut fields to include customer specific fields in the planning calibration.


  • Improved tooltip descriptions

  • Correction of an error where the safety stock is not taken into account in the reorder point.

  • Improved error message in case of a missing usage period

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