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With the post calculation process it is possible to calculate several items or variants at once.
Figure 1: Post Calculation Process

Calculate Process

Figure 2: Calculate Process


The columns result from the stored post calculation scheme template from the process. Here, a combination of template column and template row can be defined per column for the postcalculation process.
Figure 3: Columns - Example


The filters can be used to narrow down the item leder entries to be used for this operation.
Figure 4: Filter - Example

Grouping Rules

With the grouping rules it is possible to nest the operation. Thus, for example, item with the same item category or all variants can be grouped together. Generally the groupings can be built up arbitrarily complex, i.e. under each group again further groups can be formed.
Figure 5: Grouping Rules
All fields from the item ledger entries are available for grouping.