Inventory Profile


When the planning worksheet is calculated, all current demand and supply is archived in the demandPlus+ inventory profile. This data is the basis for the Availability Chart. The action “Inventory Profile” in the submenu “Navigate” will open the availability overview for the requisition line’s item. The shown data is sorted in chronological order:



Cumulated quantity after each event.

Balance Difference

Quantity per event.

Difference Indicator

Indicates that there are differences in the inventory profile compared to the current supply or demand. A yellow light indicates that the corresponding document line has been changed in terms of quantity or date. If the document line no longer exists, the light is colored red. Otherwise, the light is “green”.

Document Subtype

Specifies the type or status of the document the inventory profile is related to.

Due Date

Indicates the date on which the demand is needed or the supply is available. The lines are sorted and grouped according to this date. Individual days can be expanded or collapsed to show or hide details.

Item No.

Specifies the number of the involved item, according to the specified number series.

Location Code

Specifies a code for an inventory location where the items will be registered.

Original Quantity (Base)

Specifies the original quantity expressed in the base unit of measure


Specifies the quantity of the demand or the supply.

Quantity (Base)

Specifies the quantity expressed in the base unit of measure.

Remaining Quantity (Base)

Specifies the remaining quantity expressed in the base unit of measure.

Source Document

Specifies the type of document that the inventory profile relates to.

Total Availability per Due Date

Cumulated event quantity at the end of due date.

Total Balance Difference per Due Date

Cumulated quantity of events at due date.

Variant Code

Specifies the variant of the item.


In details you get a better overview of the requisition line. This also can lead you directly to the related document.

Planning Ending Date

If there is supply or demand after the planning ending date, the availability may not be completely displayed because planning run finds supply but ignores demand. This function sets the ending date to the date that was last used to calculate the planning/requisition worksheet.


The due date can be expanded to show the events in detail, if there are several events on the same due date. The FactBox on the right side is showing more document details of the event.

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