Availability Chart

The availability chart is a graph representing the item inventory course inside the period of the starting and ending date since the last calculation of the planning worksheet.

The individual graphs are explained below.

  1. Projected Available Balance

  2. Reorder Point / Time Bucket. The vertical marks represent the Time Bucket

  3. Order Date

  4. Due Date

  5. Starting Date Planning Worksheet

  6. Ending Date Planning Worksheet

  7. Showing Availability when hovering

  8. If the mouse is hovered over a demand or supply, the source document is displayed along with the corresponding quantity. Demand and supply are displayes as bars below the availability graph.

  9. Current hovered date

  10. Is is possible to imit the chart to the right and left to get better overview if there are only a few days between the supply and demand

  11. Safety Stock Quantity

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