Scheduling enables you to switch automatically between planning templates

In order to ensure a smooth change of planning templates, some additional rules have been introduced for scheduling:

  • The starting and ending date of the planning template must be filled

  • No other combination of item no., location and variant may exist in an overlapping (starting and ending date) certified planning template. This is checked when the planning template is certified.

  • The stats of the planning template must be "Certified"

To switch planning templates automatically, Report “Activate Planning Template” (ID 5499103) must be included in the job queue. This report changes the planning parameters in 2 steps.

  1. Deactivates all certified "due" plannimg templates that work with scheduling. A planning template is "due" if the end date corresponds to the work date. If the repetition period is filled, the starting dand ending date are shifted by the repetiion period.

  2. Activates all inactive planning templates valid from tomorrow. Valid means, that the starting date must be before/at tomoroow and the ending date must be after/at tomorrow's day.

The report should always run in the evening (i.e. before midnight), otherwise the template will be postponed by one day.

Since the report changes the planning parameters, an automatic calculation of the planning or order proposals should be scheduled afterwards.

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