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In order to remove the demandPlus+ extension, the following steps must be carried out:
Please note that you should cancel your subscription before uninstalling. (SaaS only)

Uninstall Extension

First you have to uninstall the extension. You can do this in extension management. Select the extension you want to uninstall and press “Uninstall”:
Figure 1: Uninstall demandPlus+
The following confirmation uninstalls the extension:
Figure 2: Uninstall demandPlus+ - Wizard
At the end you will receive a success message:
Figure 3: Uninstall demandPlus+ - success message
Alternatively, you can also execute the following command in the NAV Administration Shell:
Uninstall-NAVApp -ServerInstance [Your Serverinstance] -Name ”demandPlus+”
When entering your data, the square brackets must be removed.

Unpublish Extension

After uninstalling, you can unpublish the extension in the extension management. To do this, select the extension which you want to unpublish:
Figure 4: Unpublish demandPlus+
Thereafter the extension will be unpublished