Subscription Status

You can get an overview of your subscription in Subscription Status. There you can buy a subscription, cancel or manage your account.



Account ID

Specifies your unique account id. You are registered with this ID.


Canceled Date

Displays the date on which the subscription was cancelled.


Installation Date

Specifies the date on which demandPlus+ was installed. This is valid for version 1.1. If demandPlus+ is already installed in an earlier version, the date indicates the installation of version 1.1.


Next Charge Date

Specifies the date on which the next payment for demandPlus+ is due.

No. of active Users

Specifies the number of active, full users belonging to the company at the time of the last update.

No. of maximum active Users

Specifies the maximum number of users allowed in your product.


Purchase Date

Shows the date on which demandPlus+ was purchased.


Shows the current price per billing period of demandPlus+.


Remaining Trialdays

Indicates the days remaining within the trial period.



Indicates the status of the subscription.

Subscription ID

Specifies the unique ID of your current subscription.


Trial Ending Date

Indicates the end date of your trial period.

Trial Starting Date

Indicates the start date of your trial period.

Buy Subscription

After the trial period has expired, you must take out a subscription to continue using demandPlus+. You can also buy a subscription before the end of your trial period, but the trial period will then end. To do this, go to the action “Buy subscription”.

A wizard will then open and guide you through the purchase process.

Based on the active users, in your current company, you will be automatically placed in the most suitable, most favorable product for you. In addition you receive information such as the price, or the accounting period. If you already have a valid subscription you can activate it directly. To do so, select “Activate existing subscription”. Otherwise you need a “New subscription”.

Please note that the current prices may differ from the prices in the illustrations.

Please make sure that you state your VAT ID number when purchasing. You will get a hint in the assistant where to enter it.

A new browser window will then open:

Please make sure to indicate your VAT ID number. The prices are shown first including VAT.

Next, you must transfer your data. In the case buying by credit card, the window looks like this:

Once you have completed your subscription, you must activate it in Business Central. In the wizard, please enter the email address you used in the purchase process.

You have now successfully purchased a demandPlus+ subscription.

To exit, press “Finish”.

Update Subscription Status

Your current subscription is checked once a day. This is normally done the first time you use demandPlus+ modules. If your subscription is not active or if you are outside the test period, the demandPlus+ modules are not available.

If the daily update is not sufficient, e.g. if you have cancelled your subscription and no longer wish to use the demandPlus+ modules, you can use this function to check subscription status manually.

Update Account

You cannot update your account information such as name, address etc. with our payment partner “FastSpring” driecty. Instead, there is a wizard to change your data:

This will open a wizard to change your account details.

After completion, your data will be updated.

Account Management

If you wish to cancel your subscription or change your payment method, you must first enter your email address. The “Account Management” action

opens a new browser tab

where you have to enter your email address. Afterwards you will receive an email with a link to your account management.

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