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Assisted Setup

With the help of the assisted setup, demandPlus+ can be set up.
demandPlus+ uses HTTP requests for various functionalities. Without these functionalities you can only use demandPlus+ to a very limited extent.
In order to be able to use demandPlus+ fully, you should additionally run through the assisted setup of demandPlus+. To do so, select “Set up demandPlus+” in the Assisted Setups.
Figure 1: Assisted Setup
The setup will then open and go through all important steps for the correct installation of demandPlus+.
Figure 2: Assisted Setup - Start
First of all, a 30-day trial subscription is created for you. If you already have a subscription, this step will be skipped.
Figure 3: Assisted Setup - Trial Subscription
Here you can enter the necessary values for the planning calibration. Here you can find an explanation of the fields.
Figure 4: Assisted Setup - Planning Calibration
To use the demandPlus+ indicator, the bitmaps must be imported. To do this, please press “Next”.
Figure 5: Assisted Setup - Bitmap
After the import, you must fill the threshold values for the individual indicator.
The calculation type distinguishes between absolute and relative. In planning calibration, the indicator refers to the maximum difference between the current value and the calculated value, or the new value and the calculated value. If the calculation type is set to relative, the absolute value (such as piece) is set in relation to the calculated value. In this case, the system uses a percentage as a threshold value.
Figure 6: Assisted Setup - Bitmap Setup
After setting up, the data is stored in the demandPlus+ Setups.