To use demandPlus+ in combination with On-Premises, you first need a license key.

If you do not have a license key yet, please contact us at info@demandplus.info.

For licensing, a wizard is available in the Assisted Setup.

After you have entered the license key, it will be checked and the number of Power Users will be displayed, aswell as the App Name it belongs to.

You have successfully registered your product key

To use your demandPlus+ Extension you have to define power user. Enter the user ID of the user who will later use this demandPlus+ Extension.

To assing an App Membership press the "Assist Edit" button, marked in the above picture. After that, a window opens with your available demandPlus+ extensions.

After that, your user should be assigned to a demandPlus+ extension.

If the license needs to be replaced, e.g. because more power users are required, this must also be done via this wizard.

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